When I was searching for Luxeon datasheet, I found a new product, the Luxeon Rebel series. Quite interesting product, in terms of dimension and light density.

Unlike the other types, this Luxeon is a surface mount LED. Over 150°C junction temperature with >80 Lumens in cool white at 350 mA. This LED supports up to 1000 mA current (nice!). It claims 50.000 hours life at 700 mA. From the datasheet, we can expect up to 145 Lumens at 700 mA (LXML-PWC1-0080). It’s available in various color (cool white, neutral white, warm white, green, cyan, blue, royal blue, red, red-orange, and amber). The white version can support 2670K-3500K (warm), 3500K-4500K (neutral), and 4500K-10.000K (cool) color temperature. Very flexible. Its typical forward voltage is similiar with other Luxeon (around 3.6 Volt or 3.4 Volt for red/orange/amber).

I tried to contact some distributor like Farnell to get this product, but currently they don’t carry the product. Will have to wait a month or two 😉