Artist: Various (Oscars Motettkör and friends)
Album: Cantate Domino
Publisher: Proprius Records PRCD7762
Recording Technology:

About this album:
This is a nice album for Christmas (though perhaps not all are the Christian’s song). Recorded by Bertil Aving in 1976 and very famous for its incredible sound quality. According to Proprius, the equipments used was the Revox A77 and two Pearl TC4 microphone.

The album starts with Enrico Bossi’s “Cantate Domino”. Hear the organ vibration at the beginning. Play it at moderate volume at silent and dark room. Feel the “presence” of this song. Simply amazing. The next track will be a classic from Johann Gottfried Walther. The next tracks most likely dominated with vocal and church’s choirs. It will calm down your soul and raise your spiritual emotion.

One of my favorites it track #9 (Julsang, Adoplhe Adam). Feel the combination between the main singer and backed up with the choirs. Watch your volume. The main singer may sing a little bit low, but the choirs will suddenly raise their volume. The best part most likely from the middle to the end of the track.

Another favorite track is #15 (White Christmas, Irving Berlin). This track was sung in a full pace, simply faster than the other tracks. Very nice ending and may return your consciousness after previous 14 slow track.

Very excellent recording, just like others Proprius’ CD. But perhaps the CD’s theme is more to Christian and a little bit classic.

Sound Quality: 4.75 of 5 Stars
Song Popularity/Arrangement (subjective): 4 of 5 Stars

Recommendation: 4.25 of 5 stars.

Track list:
1. Cantate Domino (Enrico Bossi)
2. Organ Concerto A major (Johann Gottfried Walther)
3. Advent (Otto Olson)
4. Dotter Sion, fröjda dig (George Frideric Handel)
5. Hosianna Davids son (Georg Joseph Vogler)
6. Fröjda dig, du Kristi brud (folk tune from Gammelsvenskby)
7. Julsang (Adolphe Adam)
8. Il est né le divin enfant (Fransk Kulsång)
9. Christmas song (Adolphe Adam)
10. Den signade dag (folk melody from Mora)
11. Stille Nacht (Franz Gruber)
12. Mariæ Wiegenlied (Max Reger)
13. Christmas (Otto Olsson)
14. Zither Carol (Tjeckisk Folsång)
15. White Christmas (Irving Berlin)