Monthly Archives: March 2007

Ingram Washington: What A Difference A Day Makes

Artist: Ingram Washington Album: What A Difference A Day Makes Publisher: STS Digital Recording Technology: – About this album: This is one of the most recommended album. Superb recording and...... Read More

Inside Altec Lansing MX5021: Amplifier Mod

If you haven’t read my previous article, please click here. I discussed the mod of MX5021’s satellites. Now, it’s time for the electronic parts 😉 I opened the Altec MX5021...... Read More

On Stock: ALPS 100K Motorized with LED

I just got a bunch of ALPS 100K Motorized Potentiometer with LED. It’s a New Old Stock (NOS) items. Very rare items! Excellent stuff at affordable price. Below is some...... Read More

iPAQ hx4700 and XDA Debug Mode

I just remember this tips today. Last year, when I was upgrading my iPAQ hx4700 (I’m stil using it right now) to Windows Mobile 2005, somehow the system was stucked....... Read More

No More M&K?

My friend email-ed me and told that M&K was closing down their Chatsworth factory. I don’t believe that, since, yeah, M&K is one of my favorite subwoofer. I check M&K...... Read More