Light Emitting Diode or LED is very popular light source later these days. It is cool, bright, consume less power, and almost maintenance free. One of the famous brand is Luxeon, made exclusively by Philips Lumileds Lighting Company, LLC.

This so called Luxeon has superiority in terms of highest flux. The lowest version may deliver more than 40 Lumens in white. It’s bright, very bright. The highest version, the K2 may deliver up to 140 Lumens (at 1500 mA). Remember, this 140 Lumens comes from single LED only! Imagine that your digital video projector only capable delivering 750-1000 Lumens. By using 10 of this Luxeon K2, you can easily reach 1400 Lumens! And of course, because this is a LED, it’s quite cold (though somehow you still have to use heatsink on the bottom).

Picture above is Luxeon K2 Emitter. Up to 140 Lumens @ 1500 mA from this tiny LED! Amazing!

Picture above is Luxeon III Star Hex.

This Luxeon is available in different form factor. Like you have seen above, there are Emitter and Star Hex version. Actually, they are the same LED, but just in different form factor. Currently, there are few version of the Luxeon, from Luxeon I to Luxeon K2. All have different Lumens, specification, maximum current, and of course: different price.

Picture above it the typical radiation pattern available. You can pick the one that suit your application.

You can use optional lens to focus the light.

I’ve seen around. Some people creates their torch, vehicle’s lamp, etc with this Luxeon. I wonder to use 6-10 Luxeon III (around 80 Lumens each) and SLA 6-8 mAh rechargeable batteries. Hmm… gonna be nice project 🙂