I’ve used my old Nokia 7110 for 6 year or so. I bought it when it was launched at the very first time. After using it for a very long time, I think it’s time to clean her up 😉 Sometime, the slider doesn’t response well when opened.

I will not show you how to open this phone. Just for your information, you only need to open 4 screws inside the battery compartment. You need special (Torx) screwdriver in order to open them. Just pry the case from the bottom after you open all the screws. Then, open 2 screws from the main PCB. Voila, you have disassembly her completely. See the photo below.

You can open all of the parts like shown on the photo above. The main parts are the front case, the slider, the main PCB, the keypad, the roller (navigation key), and the LCD.

The first thing that you should do is to clean the dust. Yes, a lot of dust there. Shown on the photo above is the dust on the slider bar. Use cotton buds to clean it. You can also use contact cleaner or metal polish to wet the cotton buds. Photo below shows the metal polish used for my job 🙂

This metal polish or contact cleaner won’t hurt your parts. So don’t worry to use it, but don’t use it too much because it’s going to be useless 😉

Then, I cleaned up the slider connector. You can see on the photo above. Two copper lines on the inside-right side of the slider should be cleaned with the metal polish or contact cleaner. This will remove all dust and rust and make sure the finest contact from the slider to the main PCB.

Check the main PCB. Examine for any rust or dust from the PCB. Clean them up. Make sure all the copper contact are clean and free from problem.

Have you ever experienced problem with your keypad? You press the keypad but no number shown? Then, this is the best way to solve your problem. Remove the white cover from your PCB. Then clean all of the circle with cotton buds (and contact cleaner). Again, make sure no rust or dust there. Guaranteed, your keypad will be as smooth as new. No more problem when pressing the number 🙂

Photo above shows the dust on the roller navigation key. I don’t have to explain more, just clean them up!

Now, it’s time to pack the things back. Put the LCD (number 1), then the roller key (number 2), then the keypad (number 3). I removed them all because I wanted to clean up all the case. It’s not a mandatory task.

Two main parts showed on the photo. On the bottom, you can see the PCB with the white cover above it. Pack them back and you are done!

Yes, she is back alive. All the functions are working completely, as if you are having a totally new phone 😉

Note: Some people ask me why I’m still using this phone. Well, let me tell you. I’ve changed my phone few times, but back again to this one. This phone has the sufficient functions for me. She can store up to 1000 names (with maximum 5 numbers and 2 text each names). Unlike the old Ericsson phones with 510 numbers capability, this phone has capability to store 1000 names – not 1000 numbers (it means that you can store up to 5×1000=5000 number inside this phone!). She also can save up to 200 Short Message Service text message and I think more than 500 schedules on its calendar. She is also very durable, never crash or fail like the latest generation phone called “smart phone”. Yes she is a dumb phone, no camera, no Bluetooth, no Wi-Fi, no GPRS, etc. But she is a very perfect and ready to rumble companion. I believe I will have to replace her someday, but not now. Wait until all those so called a smart phone become a real smart phone, not annoying phone 😀