I downloaded a movie and just realized that there was no subtitle. I looked for the subtitle file (the .SRT or .SUB or whatsoever) but found none of them in English, only in France.

I decided to visit my favorite place to translate, the Altavista’s Babelfish and gave it a try. I just realized that the onboard translation would screw up your document’s format! See the screenshot below.

Man, I couldn’t live with it! Re-formatting the document would take too much effort.

I decided to find another way. I uploaded a text file to my site contained the text to be translated. Then I used “Translate a Web page” feature from Altavista’s Babelfish. Enter the correct link there. Screenshot below. Pick your translation language.

Voila! Babelfish showed the translated text! Copy and Paste the translated text to the new document (Notepad should be ok for this text only document ;))

Now I can enjoy watching my movie with English subtitle 😉