Monthly Archives: February 2007

Luxeon K2: World’s Brightest LED

Light Emitting Diode or LED is very popular light source later these days. It is cool, bright, consume less power, and almost maintenance free. One of the famous brand is...... Read More

Barton and Guestier: France Red Wine

Nothing special in this post. Last night, I saw my brother brought a bottle of red wine. It was Barton and Guestier: CUVÉE SPÉCIALE. I tasted it. Not much, since...... Read More

HD-DVD vs Blu-ray

The high definition video era has come. VCD and DVD soon will be dropped from the list. VCD can hold up to 700 MB of data, while DVD can hold...... Read More

Nokia 7110 Disassembling

I’ve used my old Nokia 7110 for 6 year or so. I bought it when it was launched at the very first time. After using it for a very long...... Read More

How to Translate Long Text with Altavista’s Bablefish?

I downloaded a movie and just realized that there was no subtitle. I looked for the subtitle file (the .SRT or .SUB or whatsoever) but found none of them in...... Read More

Geeee… I Have Typed a Lot!

Nothing is important here. Just want to show that I’ve typed over 1.000.000 characters (with spaces) in my translating tasks (I was doing translation for a book). All was done...... Read More

Udial Explained

Due to the raise of resampling problem of most consumer sound card (most likely Creative, prior X-Fi), some people claimed to use the “udial” test tone to check whether they...... Read More

Five Days “Holidays”

I woke up at Friday, 2 February 2007 and saw a great thing to make me stayed at home: flood! Luckily, my house was located quite high above the road...... Read More