Artist: Chen Lily/Chen Chie Li (陳潔麗)
Album: Each in a Different Corner of the World (一水隔天涯)
Publisher: Rain Forest Studio
Recording Technology: N/A (available in XRCD2 and LP)

About this album:
Weird album name? Wait until you hear her sound. This is one of my favorite album for easy listening session. Nice, warm sound. I suspect they use some digital effect, but who cares? They did the mastering in a smooth and neat way. Perfect! I enjoy this album a lot.

Few months later (after I bought this CD), I saw a newer version of this album. Totally same album, but with better packaging and if I’m not mistaken, with 24K Gold CD (CMIIW) to give expensive� and gorgeous look. This proves that this album gains very well acceptance in the market (so they decide to re-launch in better packaging). Well, I’m not surprised since I believe this is very good album in terms of arrangement and music itself. Also available in XRCD2 Recording Technology from JVC and also in LP format! Not many new release are available in LP.

Most of the songs are old one. I think most them (all of them precisely) were sung by Teresa Teng (Deng Lijun/邓丽君). But this album offers a new and better arrangement. The first five are IMHO the best. The low extension is very well rounded, while the vocal is so sweet, with some backing instruments of Chinese’s classic. You also will hear variation like beach waves in the intro on track #2. It will bring your emotion into another level. Dim your light, watch your tube if you use tube equipment and let her sing. This is one of the best part.

At track #5, you will enjoy the popular Goodbye My Love (再見,我的愛人) in Chinese. I think Teresa sang this song also. This is a very slow song by Chen Jie Lie, with piano dominating at the first few second of this track.

You can also find popular songs in the rest of the track. There are total 16 tracks with various old Chinese songs.

Extra note: Unlike most Chinese singers who somehow sang a little bit out-of-sync with the instruments or background music, Chen sang very excellent. She knew where to start/stop, where to hold her breathe, how to play her voice and emotion, and surely she understood all parts of the songs perfectly. It’s important to sing with your heart. So, you have to understand your song completely, before you can sing that song in appropriate manner, so you will know every inches where to play your emotion when singing. I think she has about 6 albums, but this one is the best IMO.

Excellent album for you who enjoy Teresa Teng music and want to listen in a different, more classical way. Chen sang with her heart, full of emotional aspect, and has a warm sound. The microphone was AKG “vintage” C12VR, so I’m not suprised to hear her vocal quality. I suspect some digital effect added, but they did that in a very smooth way to improve your listening pleasure. I don’t mind anyway 😉 This is absolutely one of my best collections!

Sound Quality: 4.5 of 5 Stars
Song Popularity/Arrangement (subjective): 5 of 5 Stars

Recommendation: 4.75 of 5 Stars

Track list:
01. 人約黃昏後
02. 一水隔天涯
03. 我怎能離開�
04. 東山飄雨西山晴
05. 再見,我的愛人
06. 人面桃花
07. 假如我是真的
08. 山茶花
09. 向日葵
10. 相見在明天
11. 偶然的相遇
12. 從今日起
13. 雲河
14. 襟裳岬
15. 有誰知我此時情
16. 償還:陳潔麗