I heard this song about 8 years ago. I have looked this song for years (at that time, in my country, Internet was a disaster in terms of cost and speed).

Few days ago, I found this song on the Internet (duet with Sam Hui). Very nice song from Leslie Cheung (张国荣) called The Silence is Gold (沉默是金).

I love the song because the meaning is nice, especially for young person like most of us (including me). Read it carefully to understand the meaning of this song. You may also search around the file sharing application (emule or bittorent) or Googling around with keyword “沉默是金 MP3”.

Here’s the lyrics in original lyrics:
是非有公理 慎言莫冒犯别人
自信满心里 休理会讽刺与责问
笑骂由人 撒脱的做人
少年人 撒脱的做人 继续行 撒脱的做人


Here’s the translation:
Silence is Gold (Wrote together with Sam Hui in the late 80’s)
The night wind blowing,
Alone looking back at the old times
It was me in the past, full of anger and frustration;
False blames and accusations
caused great feeling of unfairness to build up.
Cared a lot about rumours and responses.

Learned the lesson,
led by books and literatures,
now can see through it all, no longer locking up myself.
Feel that I know the way,
won’t be as stupid as before.
Wipe away the tears, walk forward relaxed and smiling.

In fate it was already decided that you be rich or poor,
What is false will never be true; truth is always true;
Whatever you say, I’ll be responsible for my own duties.
Always believed that silence is gold.

There is justice is what is right and wrong.
Careful in speaking so not to offend others.
When cold storms come up, don’t take it too seriously.
Confidence fills the heart,
no need to care about sarcasm and questioning;
Let people laugh and condemn as they like,
live on as a cool and carefree person.

Young people, live on as a cool and carefree person.
Continue to walk on, live on as a cool and carefree person.


Here’s how to sing it in Cantonese:
Chum Mak Si Gum (Wrote together with Sam Hui in the late 80’s)
yeh fung lum lum, dook wui mong gau si chin chan
si yi wong dik ngoh, chung moon loe fun
moe go yue ji jaak, jik ngaak jeuk moon toe hei but fun
dui yiu yin, faan ying sum wai jeuk gan

sau liu gaau fun, dak liu shue ging dik ji yan
yin yi hon dak tau, but joi ji kwan
daan gok yau fun so, but joi jeung yi wong na boon bun
moot lui han, hing faai siu jeuk hang

ming ming jung, doe jo jue ding nei foo waak pun
si choh wing but dui, jan wing si jan
yam nei jum suet on sau ngoh boon fun
chi jung seung shun chum mak si gum

si fei yau gung lei, sun yin mok mo faan beet yan
yue seung laang fung yue, yau taai ying jan
ji shun moon sum lui, yau lei wui fung chi yue jak man
siu ma yau yan, sa tuet dei jo yan