I’m reading The Lenovo Affair. Currently, I’m reading about 12% of the book 😉 But I got few “enlightment”.

Success comes from three big things (this is my own opinion):
1. Hardwork
2. Dare to take the risk
3. Luck

You have to get these three in your pocket, if you want to sucess.

Liu Chuanzhi proved himself as not a perfect man in this world, but he managed to compensate his weakness by “string the pearls”.

If you weren’t born as a beautiful, rich, or any gifted things from above, then don’t be a desperate person. You weren’t not as beautiful as the other pearls, but you can look after some perfect pearl and string them together to build a beautiful necklace for your own success. If you don’t have the success, then create it. At least that’s the message that I got today 😉

Not an important thing anyway.