Monthly Archives: December 2006

Ferrite in Power Supply Cable: Just Hear It!

Power supply is one of the most important part in your system. Imagine “electricity” as “food” for your system. Good food = good healty = good quality. So, electrical cable...... Read More

Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing (张国荣): Silence is Gold (沉默是金)

I heard this song about 8 years ago. I have looked this song for years (at that time, in my country, Internet was a disaster in terms of cost and...... Read More

Altec MX5021 Speaker Mod

I have chance to mod the Altec MX5021. I think so far MX5021 is one of good candidate to be modded (though I prefer Altec CS21 or 621/641 series, but...... Read More

What Makes a Company?

This short article was written from my own experience. From what I’ve seen. And from what I’ve been. I’m not a manager nor leader in any company. Just an ordinary...... Read More

Enlightment for Today

I’m reading The Lenovo Affair. Currently, I’m reading about 12% of the book 😉 But I got few “enlightment”. Success comes from three big things (this is my own opinion):...... Read More

S2000: Edifier Goes to Another Level

So far Edifier is well known as a “value class” speaker maker. Now they’ve just released (at least a sample) of their new speaker product in a higher level, the...... Read More

Audio Glossary

A friend on one of mailing list than I joined ask question about some audio terms. I look for the answer around the Internet, post in on the mailing list...... Read More

Susan Wong: I Wish You Love

Artist: Susan Wong Chui Shan Album: I Wish You Love Publisher: Rock In Music Recording Technology: N/A About this album: This is her second album. In this album, Susan has...... Read More

Susan Wong: Close to You

Artist: Susan Wong Chui Shan Album: Close To You (1st album) Publisher: Rock In Music Recording Technology: N/A About this album: No one knows Susan Wong (Wong Chui Shan) before....... Read More