Well, I’m not a big fan of 007 series, but because I didnt have any better movie last week, so the latest James Bond: Casino Royale was chosen.

Here’s my critics about the movie and please remember this is very personal from myself. Go ahead and watch yourself. You may have different comments.

First, this “Bond” is more similiar to “Jacky Chan” than the “Bond himself”. At some of the beginning scene, he jumps from one building to others chasing the enemy.

Second, this “Bond” is very cold blooded, emotional, arrogant, but careless. He kills the enemy easily and don’t mind burning the whole house just for chasing the mice 😉

Third, not much technology shown as we usually find on previous “Bond” movie. Even in this movie, Bond doesn’t use anything special with his car.

Four, very predicted story line. I guess you already know the rest of story about an hour before the movie ends.

The good thing is the movie is quite long (2 hours and 15 minutes if I’m not mistaken). Yeah at least you can sit and relax on the cinema longer than other movie.

Recommended? If you expect another “Bond” from the ordinary, yes this may change your perception about “Bond” and perhaps it’s a nice movie to be watched. But from my personal point of view, nothing special from this movie.