I try to make my page more flexible with Google AdSense. So, I move the bottom banner to the middle of my post. But well, my last programming activity was about 4 years ago. I open the script page inside my WordPress. It’s based on PHP. I think PHP has similiar syntax with C/C++ (I have play with C/C++ for several years – that was 4-8 years ago).

I did trial and error with my previous C/C++ knowledge off course. Well, not much different, I guess 😉

We still have same conditional equation operator with “==”.
Still the same “one addition” with “++” sign.
Just need a little adaptation for the conditional scope.

I add a conditional counter to add the banner after 4th and 7th post. As easy as A-B-C.

Not too difficult. Within less than half hour, I could re-design the main page and single post page to fit the Google AdSense on better position 😀

What a nice morning programming day!