I have 2 days holiday yesterday, so I decided to continue my suspended hobby 😉

Picture below is the audio boards of my Toshiba DVD Player SD-2960 (most people will know this as SD-3950 or SD-3960 on America). I have modded the audio board by replacing three power supply capacitors for the D/A BB TI 1751 with ELNA Cerafine 47uF/25Volt. Two more coupling capacitors also replaced with ELNA Cerafine 100uF/16Volt. These two coupling capacitors (the two big with terrible layout) used to couple from the D/A to the op-amp (CHMC 4558).

Picture below is the audio board after the original capacitors was removed (before the ELNA Cerafine plugged in). Not a difficult thing to remove this capacitors, though I have some problem due to the hard-to-melt tin (the original tin was quite difficult to melt in this through hole PCB). So, I added some tin from my own (WBT Silver Solder) and let the tin melted together. Finally, my “tin sucker” sucked them all (I don’t know what do you call this stuff, but in my country, we call it a “tin sucker”).

Finally, the zoomed version of the D/A and the new capacitors. Poor layout there since the new capacitors (ELNA Cerafine) are quite big. If you want to know, the original capacitor is very similiar with the other black capacitors found around the Cerafine. See? Very huge difference in terms of size!

Don’t ask me the final sound quality. I’m too tired to put back the audio board inside the case. I will do it later. Anyway, I’m quite busy tomorrow. Perhaps next weekend is a good day to try 😉