In my previous article, I have put few screenshot for the Toshiba SD-2960 (or well known as SD-3950/3960 in some countries).

Here’s the original power supply layout.

I have done a lot of modification few days ago. I didn’t have enough time to mod the audio parts (later for sure). So, for now, only the PSU is modded.

Here’s the new photo after the PCB modded.

You can see a lot of big stuff there. Cerafine are on most places. The two green are Sanyo Gold series (I just couldn’t find any size bigger than 470uF on Cerafine, so I picked Sanyo 1000uF/50Volt. The original was 680uF/16Volt). The layout is very bad there. As you can see, the original contains small capacitors. But now I have to plug a lot of big capacitors. I have to bend it here and there to fit the capacitors. More pictures below.

But, the mod hasn’t finished yet. Two “crazy” majors upgrade are on the way.

The original capacitor (red circle) is 68uF/450Volt. I want to replace it with 4 Solen MKP 22uF/630Volt (yellow circle). Imagine the size! I can’t do this mod until I got my new case for this system (a totally new case for the SD-2960). The change from electrolytic to MKP should bring a lot of improvement in analog PSU, but this is switching type. So, I don’t know the result, until I upgrade it 🙂

The final upgrade is to replace the original IN4007 (first step rectifier) to Vishay Avalanche SF5407 diode. This Ultra Fast diode should bring a lot of improvement there.

This will end my Toshiba SD-2960 PSU mod project. The audio board will be upgraded later (soon).