Last Sunday, I visited Car and Home Entertainment Expo or CHEX 2006 at Balai Kartini, Jakarta, Indonesia. That was an annual expo for car, home theatre, and high-end audio in my country.

I got chance to audition the Kharma CRM 3.2, powered with Burmester Integrated and Audio Aero CD Player. The sound for Kharma itself was almost excellent. The room has a lot of acoustic problem, so almost in all room the equipment couldn’t perform at their best, except if you put a lot of treatment.

I was surprised because the Burmester could sound very liquid and musical. As far as I know (I’ve audition the Burmester system for few times), IMO, the Burmester is quite “stiff”, live in sound, and not very liquid. Suddenly, Kharma changed my mind when I heared this combination. I believe Kharma should be able to sound better with better (more liquid and musical) amplifier.

The staging and imaging was excellent, despite of the poorly untreated room. The depth amazed me (though I saw to treatment behind the speaker). I wonder how Kharma will perform on highly treated room on Mr. Bing’s house 😉 I will visit you Mr. Bing…

Picture below was taken in Mr. Bing’s room. Inside you can see very simple setup. The Kharma CRM 3.2, Burrmester Integrated, Audio Aero CD Player, a power distributor, and of course me and Mr. Bing himself.