I’ve just received one comment from someone at one of my post. Then, I replied the comment. Suddenly, I got error on my reply. Not a catasthropic error, it’s just a backslash error.

All of my comment that contains non alphabetic character will have backslash character in front of it.

So, “green” will be printed as \”green\” and I\’ll instead of I’ll.

Bad, this is bad! 🙁

Then, I Google around and found this:

or this is the direct link:

Click download on the top. Save the file in to your PC. Rename the file into .php extension (your browser usually will add .htm extension, so rename it back to .php). Upload to your “/wp-content/plugins”. Activate it from your WordPress admin control panel.

Several bugs fixed:
#2760 “Are you sure?” dialog for comment editing no longer appears
#2761 “Are you sure?” dialog no longer adds slashes to info passed through it
#2764 After editing a comment, you are properly redirected back to your original location
#2776 New in version 0.2: “Are you sure?” dialog for user editing no longer appears
#2782 New in version 0.3: “Are you sure?” dialog for link editing no longer appears
#2806 New in version 0.4: Deletion of links works when JavaScript is turned off

Special thanks for everyone who has helped making this tune-up. Very helpful 😀