Well, a friend of mine, Donovan told me about AutoStitch software few weeks ago (thanks Don!). I gave it a try and got very satisfactory result. The original photo was taken with Canon EOS 350D, 1/30s, f/6.3, and ISO800. Few adjustment done with Photoshop (some sharpening, level adjustment, and cropping).

I recommended the AutoStitch for all of you who want to create a panoramic photos. Quite comprehensive and professional features included, but also worked fine for newbie like me ;). Choose the input file, make some noise sample, then let AutoStitch works for you.

A suggestion from me. Take as many photos as you can. Don’t have to think about how to stitch it, because it will be done automatically. I took only 3 photos for the sample below (I should take more to create wider panorama). More photos means more (wider) photo could be created. Don’t have to worry about overlapped sample because AutoStitch knows how to handle it.
Click the image to get the original size. My WordPress forces the image to be resized. So, if you want to see the bigger size, just click on the the image.