I’ve installed Windows Vista few months ago, but I don’t use it for typical daily use. Today, I examine the audio option and find few interesting things.

It looks like Microsoft has done a good job improving the audio feature on Vista. As the picture shows below, you can see more options for your audio. I think Microsoft has same idea with all of us: PC will merge with HT to establish a HTPC generation. Surely, Vista should support this platform better in the future and Microsoft just did it.

You can choose from normal to multi channel speaker configuration. The test option include the DTS, DD, and WMA Pro Audio. You may use this option to test your external receiver capability. If you can hear the sound, it means that you receiver supports the feature. Sample rate test also provided from 44.1 to 192 kHz.

This is extra enhancement for your system, the Bass Management, the Virtual Surround, the Room Correction, and the Loudness Equalization. Each may be used to improve your audio system. Most of these features usually offered in a professional card. But now, Vista offers it for free.

This is one of the best feature implemented. You can let Vista adjust the best configuration for you. It may not suit for a pro, but for a newbie, this will help you a lot. Just plug a microphone, place it to some position in your room, the Vista will analyze your accoustic and speakers response. You can use from $1 microphone to $1000 professional microphone. The principe is simple, the better microphone used, the better result you will get.

This is also important and most wanted feature. Bass Management will let you adjust the frequency sent to the speakers and subwoofer. Adjustment for room size is also provided. Recommeded for a professional user only.

That’s all I can say for now. I will examine the future later, probably after the Vista final version released.