After spending over 8 months on research, finally I finished my first complete speakers project. I chose Vifa XT25 for tweeter and PL18 for woofer. I think they both are perfectly matched each others. Sadly the XT25 is 4 Ohm only, so I need to spend more money on crossover 🙁

The crossover was designed from an intensive research. All components are premium audio grade class, like Auricap, Wondercap, Alpha Core inductor, Dale wire wound resistor, WBT silver solder, high quality 18 AWG copper internal cable, and Shark rhodium binding post terminal. If you are a DIYer, I think you should know about the quality (and price) of those brand. As additional, the input also support bi-wire and bi-amping capability.

Red with gloss surface is choosen as finishing color. I will upgrade the box with better materials from specific wood soon (currently, the materials is 25mm MDF).

Overall, I’m quite pleased with her performance. The low is very extend, tight, and full of definition. The mid is very warm with excellent detail (I have no doubt that this speakers have outstanding mid vocal). The high is also warm, soft, and quite extend.

After hours of listening test, the high-end response has not reached my expectation (I expect more or maybe I’m not used with Ring Radiator’s characteristic? I also have some problem with my room’s acoustic, I will try to add some treatment in the near future). I think I need to experiment with her high pass filter. With the help of spectrum analyzer (soon will come), I think I can do the experiment faster and more efficient, especially to tune up the crossover and my room’s acoustic. Will update here soon.