This post is calling opera users. Maybe almost of computers users know the “Undo” function. And perhaps most of them know how to use it (usually you will clik “Edit” from top pull-down menu and choose “Undo”). Maybe some of you know that this function also can be called by using “Ctrl-Z” keyboard shortcut combination

I just realized this few weeks ago. I open dozens of tabs inside my browser (Opera). Sometimes over 30 tabs opened on the same time. I don’t know why but sometimes I accidentally click the cross button (and close my tab). Shit, I wish I remember what tab did I close. I hate this since because this happens frequently, especially for you who play a lot with dozens tab inside your browser.

Until someday, I accidentally press the “Ctrl-Z”. Hey, Opera brings back my closed tabs (you can press more than once to bring back more “Undos”). Man this is cool!!!

Now, I’m no longer afraid of closing my tabs since I can bring them back immediately.

Actually, I should realize this function earlier since Opera has “Edit – Undo” menu. But who knows if this function can bring back your closed tabs?

Another fast shortcut is to close your tab. Instead of clicking the cross button, use “Ctrl-W” to close your current active tab. This will reduce the possibility of closing your unintended tab. Yeah I know you have “Ctrl-Z” but there’s no harm of being more careful, right?

My last trick is to save your session. Session here means collection of open tabs. Let’s say you have lots of tabs open and you want to restart your PC. Yes, Opera can save your last session automatically, but if your Opera suddenly crashed or something, it may not save your last session automatically. So, choose “File – Sessions – Save Session” to save your session. You can load it back anytime you want it.

All of these features make me don’t want to switch from Opera. Firefox lacks of these features (some could be added with plugins). So for now, I use Opera and Firefox. My old Opera at my notebook doesn’t support this WYSIWYG editor, so I add Portable Firefox. On my PC, I use newer Opera. It is better, but still not fully support my WYSIWYG editor (only partially support). So, a Portable Firefox is a nice addition.