Monthly Archives: August 2006

Toshiba SD-2960 (nearly match SD-3960) D/A and Op-Amp Pictures

I’ve heard about Toshiba SD-3950/3960 DVD Player from many modders on the web. Sadly, the SD-3950/3960 is only available on the US. For sure, the voltage is going to be...... Read More

“Overweight” Capacitor: Serious Problem with Simple Answer

Have you ever checked the capacitors on your motherboard? If not, then check it now. You might see some “overweight” or “fat” capacitors. They seem want to blow up (eat...... Read More

Never Underestimate Your Audio Cable: A Nice Experience from Myself

I visited the monthly audio blind test held by DIY community in my country last Saturday. The topic was interconnect cable. Very interesting 😉 Why? Because, not many people believe...... Read More

Between Asus+Gigabyte vs Foxconn: Unwanted but “a Must” Marriage?

Well, we have heard the news. Asus works together with Gigabyte to build a new company. On 2007, they will produce motherboard and graphics card with Gigabyte’s brand. What makes...... Read More

Printed Media Business: Is This the End?

Printed media business is booming last year (and early this year). Everyone who has extra money to be invested will look for this field (in my country, Indonesia precisely –...... Read More

Pets and Plants: Weekend Hobbies?

Well, nothing special here 😉 Just upload the photo of my fishes and plants. I think we are all busy with our daily life. Work problem, social problem, traffic jam...... Read More

Bad Contact May Screw You!

Every relationship needs a good contact. This happens not in personal love life, but also in elcctronics. So bad contact may screw you 🙂 I just charged my Ni-MH rechargeable...... Read More

Samsung Yepp YP-U2: New Kid on The Block?

When you see or hear MP3, what’s the first thing on your mind? iPod? Perhaps 😉 We have to admit that iPod is very sensational in terms or brand awareness....... Read More

Audiophile Reference II: Popular Music

Artist: Various Artists Album: Audiophile Reference II (Popular Music) Publisher: FIM Recording Technology: HDCD 24K Gold Disc About this album: This is the second compilation from FIM for Audiophile’s reference....... Read More

My DIY Speakers Project: A Taste of Danish

After spending over 8 months on research, finally I finished my first complete speakers project. I chose Vifa XT25 for tweeter and PL18 for woofer. I think they both are...... Read More

Media and Advertiser: Shall I Buy Your Objectivity?

This post isn’t intended to someone or some organization. Just a piece of my analysis. So take it or leave it. Before we discuss the main idea, there’s no mistake...... Read More

Calling Opera Users: Do You Know What “Ctrl-Z” Refers to?

This post is calling opera users. Maybe almost of computers users know the “Undo” function. And perhaps most of them know how to use it (usually you will clik “Edit”...... Read More