Artist: Huang Hong Ying
Album: Tasting Loneliness For The First Time
Publisher: Hugo Record
Recording Technology: HDCD

About this album:
This is one of my favourite album for testing audio performance. Huang Hong Ying has an excellent voice, like a classic Chinese singer at Chinese orchestra (she really has “power to enter deep in your soul” inside her voice in this album). I don’t find similiar singer who has sound like her. I think, she has her own style.

At first, you may a little bit surprise hearing her sound (I’ve told you, her voice is like a classic Chinese orchestra singer, not like a usual pop/jazz singer), but time by time I believe you will enjoy this compilations.

Her first album (this one) is accompanied with some of classic China instrument and some piano. She sang a lot of Teresa Teng’s best collection in this album (one that most popular is at #10, “The Moon Embodies My Heart” or “Ye Liang Tai Piaw Wo Te Sing”).

Pay extra attention to track #1 at 1:25-1:50. She sang at her loudest voice I guess (scream or something?). Added with piano on the background, this part may be the best for this track. Watch your tweeter if you cross it too low (errr… this one is little bit technical because we are talking about crossover, so never mind), because it may distorts due to combination of low frequency of the piano and her loud voice.

On track #4, her producer gave extra nuance in the song with few whistles. Very nice track to to see whether your tweeter is transparant enough or not.

Track #8, #9, and #10 are very popular for Teresa’s fans. Huang Hong Ying sang it with different approach. A little bit strange since we are used to listen Teresa’s in more “pop genre approach” than an simply instrumental with 1-2 instruments and vocal only.

This is a very nice album for you who want to listen some Teresa’s in different approach. Surely, Huang Hong Ying has her own style in singing and she is very unique in both voice and arrangement (in this album). The recording quality is excellent (clear and transparant), just like what I expect from a Hugo brand. Detail is more than enough. High is not to bright (tends to warm), mid and low is excellent. The instruments are wonderful in terms of quality and arrangement. I enjoy to use track #1 to check whether I have my tweeter clips or not when designing a crossover. For a wrong low crossed tweeter, I believe this part will show you how bad a low crossed crossover for not-low-crossed-capable tweeter. You have choice whether to raise your cut-off or change your tweeter.

Sound Quality: 4 of 5 Stars
Song Popularity/Arrangement (subjective): 4.5 of 5 Stars

Recommendation: 4.5 of 5 stars.

Track list:
1. Tasting Loneliness For The First Time
2. Barcarole
3. Forget Him
4. Those Old Memories Are Still Fresh
5. Camellia Flower
6. Love For The Sea
7. Wishing Him To Live
8. Stories Of A Small Town
9. Alone To The West Tower
10. The Moon Embodies My Heart
11. Not Far Away
12. The Charm Of The Sea
13. Lotus In The Snow
14. Stories Of A Small Town II